It's all in the water

Engineering circular water systems for horticulture

We want your crops to thrive

Water is the very essence of life. Clean water is paramount for your crops to flourish and be healthy. Enter AquaLeap – our mission is to deliver nothing less than pure water to nourish your precious crops. A staggering 95% of your plants’ composition is water. Through our innovative circular water systems, we ensure a seamless flow of pristine water, empowering your plants to reach their full potential and bloom in all their splendor.

The 3 AquaLux guarantees

  • Optimal use of pure water

  • Unmatched quality and convenience

  • Exceptional service and support

Stream of innovation

Globally, the availability of water for horticulture is emerging as a pressing concern. The convergence of climate change, prolonged droughts, and diminishing groundwater reserves has led to a growing scarcity of this vital resource. Moreover, with environmental goals becoming more stringent, the horticulture sector is compelled to embrace sustainability and chart a greener path forward. 

Elevate the sustainability of your business with AquaLeap’s revolutionary circular water systems. These water systems ensure efficient water management while drastically minimizing water waste. Through the purification of water and the eradication of 99.99% of potential hazards to your crops, our systems deliver unrivaled crop protection, while enabling the secure and sustainable disposal of drainage and wastewater. We provide tailor-made water units that cater to your unique requirements. With an AquaLeap circular water system, you’ll be prepared for a sustainable future.

AquaLeap is powered by 

AquaLux Slimfit

For projects requiring moderate disinfection standards.

Capacity between 1 – 12 m3/h
Plug & play installation
Disinfection guarantee

AquaLux Professional

For projects requiring stringent disinfection standards.

Capacity between 6 – 60 m3/h
Plug & play installation
Disinfection guarantee


We are looking for coworkers

Are you passionate about creating a sustainable and future-proof horticulture sector? We would be delighted to meet you. Join our tight-knit and driven team that is dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place. Through the development of innovative circular water systems, we empower plants to thrive in optimal health. We value advanced technology and have a deep appreciation for nature, plants, and, of course, water. Does this resonate with you?

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